Tail Tidy Kit for RnineT Roadster



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THIS KIT WILL FIT ALL RNINET’s We list them separately for SEO purposes.

This kit will simply bolt straight onto your rear subframe, then the rear cowl hump OR seat sits directly on top.   This has been designed to be plug and play so no need for cutting and splicing of wires.

This mount has been carefully designed to be the perfect LED mount for the BMW RnineT with the rear hump.  It follows the radius of the hump perfectly which gives it that TRON effect.

It will also fit with and without the rear foot peg frame.  The mount screws into the pre existing holes that the rear foot peg frame screws into.  If you are removing the rear foot peg frame, you’ll need to fit an alternative exhaust hanger.


1 x Fancy Bike Thing Tail Light

1 x Black Painted Steel Under Seat Tray

1 x Black Painted Steel License Plate Holder

1 x Black Painted Optional Turn Signal Bracket

1 x License Plate Down Lighter

1 x Bag of Fitting Bolts

Please note.  It is your responsibility to check if this product is road legal in your country or state. The LED is not road legal in UK for the following reason….  The indicators are too close to each other.  The running light and brake light are fine.  Included in the kit is an optional slim indicator bracket which screws into the under tail tray and then you can fit either your original OEM turn signals or other aftermarket alternatives.   It’s your choice how you want to play it, either way the plug and play fittings make it easy to change at a moments notice.

2021 FBT lights will work with all models and years of RnineT.  However……. my records show less than 1 in 10 of every FBT light is NOT plug and play and will require some expert assistance from either an auto electrician or someone who is confident with 12v electrics and knows how to use a multimeter.   It is with my own experience of working on BMW motorbikes for the past 6 years that I have discovered the canbus system loses integrity from one RnineT to the next.  Regardless of age and model.  I have had two identical models side by side where one bike would show the dash error and the other would not . We swapped the lights over to discover the same bike was still showing the error.   We have resistors available to buy here which generally sorts the issue but ideally you need to measure the indifference of amp draw between the OEM and the FBT and then you can accurately source the correct resistor.  Please note this is less than 1 in 10.  It’s not every bike otherwise i wouldn’t be making and selling them.


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