RnineT USA License Plate Adapter


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We’ve noted a few USA customers like to have everything done for them so with the help from some of our friends state side,  I went back to the drawing board to design this little adapter plate.    It simply screws into the under tail license plate bracket using 4 counter sunk socket screws (flush) with nylon thread nuts on the back to hold it in place securely.

Check measurements in the images as this will work for other countries too.

It’s not an essential piece. We have sold over 300+ kits to USA in the past 18 months and only had 2 customers who have requested this product.  Without it you will need to come up with your own solution on how to attach your USA plate to the license plate bracket due to the holes on USA plates being pre drilled and too wide for the our bracket.

I can only apologise that our standard plate mount is not big enough, but if we made it bigger it would be too big for some plates in other countries and the bracket would hang out from behind the plate.

It’s made from Bright Zinc Plated steel and then black powder coated.


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