Hey there, I’m Steve.

I became interested in motorbikes in 2009.  My first bike was a 2007 Aprilia Tuono.

After a year or so I changed to a brand-new 2011 BMW S1000RR (in Thunder Grey)

Two years later I upgraded to a brand-new 2013 BMW HP4 Carbon (What a weapon)

But then in 2014 my good friend persuaded me to try something different and I took delivery of a brand-new BMW R1200 GS Adventure. After a 10 day road trip around the Alps I was hooked! I lost all interest in my HP4 and sold it.

Then the RnineT………..

I’ve always admired the classic looking bikes and my local dealer tuned into this and presented me with a 2014 BMW RnineT. Plus I wanted something a little smaller than the GS so I reluctantly ordered one. It was supposed to be a 9 month wait for delivery but it turned up 2 months later. My first impression was ‘What Fun’ and such a pleasure to ride and that’s when I discovered some bikes have a soul. The RnineT has a soul. My Aprilia Tuono had a soul, my friends Ducati 996 has a soul.

So I started to look at this RnineT and could see it completely lends itself to customisation. The first thing that had to change was that tail light. I wanted something sleek and slimline that followed around the contour of the rear racing cowl. I couldn’t find anything available so I made one myself. To be honest it didn’t look great in the hand but looked awesome on the bike. I really wasn’t expecting it to be such a hit with other RnineT owners.

So I decided to hand it over to the professionals (spend lots of £££££ and $$$$$) and mass produce it. What was originally a curved piece of plastic with a few wires coming out of it, is now a well engineered product with additional accessories to really tidy up the tail of the bike. I’ve purposely designed the mount out of a soft ABS plastic so if need be, with a little heat it can be manipulated a tiny bit if necessary to get the perfect fit for your application.

2 years later (2017) I sold my RnineT and took delivery of another new RnineT which you can see on the website and on my instagram. This time I decided to seriously kit the bike out. Öhlins Suspension requested for my bike to be one of their display bikes at 2017 London Bike Shed event at Tobacco Dock where around 15,000 people attended.

So what was a hobby has turned into a great little business. We have more products we’re about to launch for the BMW GS and the RnineT. Watch this space……..

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About Fancy Bike Thing

Fancy Bike Thing is a business that has stemmed from a passion and we are commited to making every RnineT look the best it can be. We have more products we're about to lauch, so watch this space.



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